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Product Features

Amateur Photographer Insurance Services offers different levels of cover to suit the widest variety of photographers. Our flexible policies allow you to choose the options that match your needs - for example, if you don't need ''in-vehicle' cover... ....why pay for it?


The information displayed is for guidance only and no contract or contract term is implied - only the policy wording can be taken as a binding contract.

For more information on what is or is not covered under the policy, please read the Policy Information section where you will find the Amateur Photographer Insurance Services Insurance Product Information Document  or the policy wording.

Amateur Photographer Insurance Services is suitable for:

Amateur or semi professional photographers who earn less than 50% of their income through photography or related activities.

Amateur Photographer Insurance Services provides:

  • Cover against theft and accidental damage up to £25,000
  • Replacement on a new for old basis (vintage and rare items are covered by valuation - laptops are subject to depreciation)
  • Hire cover until items are replaced or repaired (subject to an approved claim)
  • Choice of area covered: from UK only, UK and EU with 30 days worldwide, or full worldwide

Amateur Photographer Insurance Services options:

  • In vehicle cover to protect you whilst on the road
  • Public liability up to £1m - essential for social photographers
  • Personal accident cover - up to £5,000

What is not covered

We are committed to providing you with clarity on the cover you are looking to purchase and aim to tell you the key exclusions of this policy before you buy.

Exclusions relating to theft of your equipment

  • Theft if the equipment is entrusted to someone else
  • Theft of your photographic equipment if left unattended when away from its usual insured location unless it is in a locked room, locked cupboard or locked luggage compartment of a vehicle
  • Theft at the insured location unless there is forcible and or violent entry
  • Theft when the security requirements have not been met
  • The matching of a collection

Exclusions relating to Accidental Damage of your equipment

  • Whilst in transit by any carrier unless it is securely packaged in a purpose designed case
  • Accidental damage when loaned or hired out to any other person
  • Any mechanical or electrical failure 
  • Marring, scratching and denting
  • Failure to use items in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions


  • For theft and accidental damage claims there is an excess of £50
  • Public liability claims are subject to a £500 excess for third party property damage only.

If you want to reduce your premium, you can pay a voluntary excess and save around 12.5%

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